Two Thumb Putter Grips Review

Two Thumb Putter Grips Review
Two Thumbs Daddy Putting Grip

Two Thumb Putter Grips Review

Two Thumb Putter Grips
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A different way of holding a putter that can make a difference in your putting.

Two Thumbs Snug Daddy grips include 27mm and 30mm wide models.

Two Thumbs offers an innovative grip whose girth encourages players to putt with hands positioned parallel to each other. The “Two Thumbs” refers to the placement of both thumbs on the top of the grip. This keeps both shoulders and elbows parallel to the target line — an alignment that golfers might struggle to achieve in a more traditional grip with one hand higher than the other.

In the two thumbs position, the shoulders and hands can form a natural triangle, encouraging a smooth stroke with the big shoulder muscles. The grip takes the hands out of the equation, eliminating wristy or flipping strokes.

The Two Thumbs grips come in an extensive variety of sizes and colors. but all have a wider top to accommodate the parallel hands putting grip. The Snug Daddy 27, for example, (shown in the photo above left) is 27mm wide, 260mm long and weighs 40 grams. That is the model used by European Tour player Bernd Wiesberger. YE Yang also has sported the grip on his putter.

The Daddy, which I have on my Odyssey putter, is 37 mm wide and 260mm long. It weighs 110 grams. European Tour player Matt Wallace apparently uses this one.

The grips all have a nice, soft feel with a good degree of tackiness. I have always favored a softer putter grip so these were right up my alley.

I have tried several of the grips. As noted above, I have the Daddy on my Odyssey mallet. I have installed a Two Thumb 30 on my Heavy Putter. And I have a Two Thumb 30 on my Bettinardi. The grips work equally well for me on each.

One thing to note is that each of these is a center-shafted putter. The straight back and forward stroke from a center shafted putter is probably ideal for the Two Thumb Grip.

I have thought about testing one on my Scotty Cameron Newport, as it is the one putter I have that is not center-shafted. However, I just can’t bear the thought of cutting the $70 grip off that thing for scientific purposes.

How well do they work? My recent Shotscope results show that with the Two Thumbs grip, I’m making 80% of putts from 0 – 6 feet, and overall am averaging 1.8 putts per hole. I think that’s pretty good. I had worried that the oddness of the grip would have a detrimental effect, but the results show otherwise.


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