U-M Hospitals In Need of Protective Gear

U-M Hospitals In Need of Protective Gear

U-M Hospitals In Need of Protective Gear

Passing on a public service notice here: The University of Michigan Hospitals (and probably any hospital near you) is in need of protective gear as supplies threaten to run short in the face of the Coronavirus — and of the hoarding many are doing.

The University apparently is already stripping supplies from various University research labs.

Here’s the bottom line: If the health care workers are sick, then there’s are going to be fewer medical personnel around to take care of you or your loved ones when you need help. You may think you’re young enough that you don’t need to care, but the CDC says that 38% of those sick enough to be hospitalized are younger adults. Sure, most recover. But they won’t if the hospitals can’t take care of them.

From their site:

U-M asks community to donate gear to protect health care workers and patients from COVID-19

Drop-off donation site open daily starting Saturday, March 21 at the North Campus Research Complex, at corner of Huron Parkway and Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor

Link to the University Hospitals needs page is here: https://www.uofmhealth.org/news/archive/202003/u-m-asks-community-donate-gear-protect-health-care-workers

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