US Open Third Round Open Thread

Post your comments on the third round here. I’m actually watching it live today (almost—I’m half an hour behind, but catching up fast at the commercials).

I plan on doing a live blog tomorrow.

My first thought: there could be some real separation here today.

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3 thoughts on “US Open Third Round Open Thread”

  1. Played at Eagle Crest with my stepson mad we ended the day with more balls than we started – a goof thing.

    Watched Tiger put the finishing touches on a great back nine.  It is still Graham McDowell or Dustin Jonhson’s tournament to win or lose, but having Tiger lurking makes it seem all the more interesting.  My hope is that Phil and Ernie right the ship and make it a free for all on Sunday.

  2. Someone needs to grab Mickelson by the scruff of the neck and shake him. Did you see that dumb shout out of the bunker?


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