We’re Not Crazy

Just to note that we’re not crazy to think that January 3 is too soon to start the PGA Tour season.  The PGA Tour agrees. Next year, the start of the season is a week later: January 8.

It will be interesting to see if some of this year’s no-shows make an effort to be at next year’s Mercedes Championship. You can be sure that the sponsors, the Golf Channel, and the PGA Tour hope so. Among this year’s missing are Tiger, Phil, Adam Scott and Padraig. And of course, the field already was limited to 31 players—winners on 2007’s schedule.

I’m still tuning in for a golf fix, though. The cold here in Michigan is brutal right now—cutting right to the bone—and I’ve spend the afternoon in one of those pay-to-play indoor kids parks, watching the little guy wear himself out on a plastic jungle gym. A mug of hot buttered rum and some scenic Hawaiian vistas will be just the thing to chase away the winter blues.

BTW, if you’re in Ann Arbor, the indoor playground is called Jungle Java. It’s relatively reasonably priced, and has coffee, food and free wifi.

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3 thoughts on “We’re Not Crazy”

  1. Jungle Java is wonderful. 
    How about converting the Silverdome into an indoor course?  Perhaps the power of the Golfblogger can make it happen?

    Take care

  2. I think to reduce no shows they should look at the break and also the locations of tournaments, to reduce travelling which probably is almost as tyring as playing.


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