What’s In The Bag Of Regular Joe? #1

Whats In The Bag Amateur Edition 1


The What’s In The Bag photos spun by sites such as HypeWrx GolfWRX and MILF Golf Magazine are pretty much meaningless for the average golfer. The pros play with top-of-the-line, custom-fit equipment that the rest of us can’t buy. I spent a day in the TaylorMade Tour truck a few years ago at the Buick Open and realized then that the pros are not playing the same equipment as the rest of us. While I was there, I was struck by a player who came in to have his hybrid bent half a degree — just for that week. Another wanted a little extra tape under the grip of one of his irons. Still another wanted his driver! bent a couple degrees. I didn’t even know you could bend a driver (you can, and it takes a special mold). Sergio Garcia had a drawer full of balls silkscreened with his name, and specific numbers in specific colors.

What I want to find out this summer is What’s In The Bag of ordinary golfers. Which manufacturers and models are represented? How old are those clubs? Does there seem to be any rhyme or reason to the mix? My guess is that the average golfer on the public courses I frequent has three different manufacturers’ clubs in the bag, and that most of those clubs are at least five years old.

Here’s the first in a series I’ll call What’s In The Bag Of The Regular Joe.

Here’s the bag of Tim, ordinary golfer, handicap somewhere north of 20.

TaylorMade R7 Irons, circa 2006

Nickent Hybrid, circa 2007

TaylorMade R7 Driver, circa 2006

TaylorMade R7 Woods, circa 2006

Nike Blade Putter, unknown make and model

Ball: Slazenger

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