Wie Fails To Qualify For US Open

I really don’t thaink that anyone could be surprised at Michelle Wie’s failure to qualify for the US Open.

What WAS surprising, I think, was how long she hung in there.

I have said before that I don’t think that she lacks in talent or skill. It was the pressure that did here in. Here’s what I think: With six holes to play, the enormity of it finally dawned on her. Six more pars and she makes history. So she then proceeds to bogey the next three.

I think that she simply has got to play more in realistic situations. And if that means heading for the women’s tour on Europe or Asia, so be it. Playing in men’s events really doesn’t offer pressure situations. No one expects her to actually do all that well, so there is no pressure.

Miranda and I have been having a nice conversation about Wie’s Open bid in the Forums. Join us there.

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