Will Golf Pass Hockey As The Number Four Sport?

It’s an intriguing thought. With hockey committing hari-kari before our eyes, could Golf be poised to step over the bleeding corpse?

Larry Bohannon of the Palm Springs Desert Sun thinks so. He argues that Golf has more recognizable stars, offers opportunity to women in the LPGA, and has more international appeal.

And, he says, if the NBA falls on its own labor troubles next fall, it could even be number three, behind the NFL and Major League Baseball.

That’s going too far. But golf over hockey is not that much of a stretch. Here in Michigan—a hockey mecca if there ever was one—we also have more than 800 golf courses. Everyone I know plays golf at one level or another. We all can identify with golf as a sport.

And you can be sure that golf won’t have any labor troubles of its own, since each player is an independent contractor, not a part of a collective bargaining unit.

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1 thought on “Will Golf Pass Hockey As The Number Four Sport?”

  1. Funny that you raise that question because I was asking myself the same thing the other day.  I think you are selling a sport short.  A sport that, I admit don’t watch, just had their biggest day in the sun.  Here’s what I think the sports rank as of now:

    1. Football
    2. Baseball (which will always be #1 in my eyes)
    3. Basketball
    4. NASCAR
    5. Golf
    6. Hockey


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