Will TiVo Kill Advertising?

I love my TiVo, but advertising executives do not. The fact that I have the ability to fast forward past their inane ads drives them crazy.

Still, I like to watch a lot of the golf ads. I’m always interested in the latest equipment. And that, apparently is what some in the golf industry are counting on. In an article on PGA dot Com, Andy Jones, vice president of marketing for Footjoy noted:

“We’re evaluating it on an ongoing basis. Our research tell us that golfers want to see the commercials—particularly equipment. So we’re watching it closely.”

On the other hand, the director of marketing for Bridgestone golf already is looking ahead to the day where product placement surplants the 30 second spot.

Actually, in the golf world, product placement has long been the preferred method. That’s what you have when the pros are paid to play certain brands of equipment. What better advertising is there than to have your clubs played by the winner of a tournament?

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1 thought on “Will TiVo Kill Advertising?”

  1. Watching golf (or most any sporting event) is so much more enjoyable via DVR.  Time is valuable.  By watching a program on the dvr, I’m saving a good 15-20 minutes per hour of programming for other activities…like golf!


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