Woman’s Body Found On Golf Course

In a mystery worth of Cassie Burdette, Michigan State University junior Rylan Cotter was found dead on a golf course in Indiana.

Police say a body found last week on an Indiana golf course is that of a Michigan State University student.

The body of 20-year-old Rylan Cotter was found fully-clothed on the course on Brassie Golf Course in Chesterton on Wednesday.

Golf club employees found no signs of foul play, but the Porter County Coroner says an autopsy shows the woman died of massive blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen.

The coroner still does not know whether the death was a homicide, a suicide, or an accident.

The details of her death aren’t the only mystery.

There are reports the student’s parents say they have “no clue whatsoever” why she would even be in Chesterton.

Her family lives in the Lansing, Michigan area, where she went to school.

This one bears watching.

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