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Golf Fountain Ridiculous Golf Item of The Week

A Decline In Golf?

The New York Times has an article detailing the stagnation (perhaps even decline) in the … Read more.

The Bowmore Way

For many, golf is as much a lifestyle as a sport. For them, the ancient … Read more.

Beware Chinese Counterfeits

I frankly don’t know why the US government has through several administrations put up with … Read more.

Direct TV Offers Enhanced Coverage of Masters Tournament

Another reason I’m glad I ditched Comcast and went to Direct TV: the satellite channel … Read more.

Ron Sirak Predicts Tiger Will Tie Nelson’s Streak At US Open

GolfWorld columnist Ron Sirak predicts that Tiger will tie Byron Nelson’s streak of 11 straight … Read more.

Golf Club Tragedy

A tragic story: A golf-club-swinging grandpa who accidentally cracked his granddaughter’s skull was arrested Sunday … Read more.

Tiger Makes Match Play Boring

Tiger Woods has once again done what I thought was impossible: He made the finals … Read more.