2010 Masters Final Round Live Blogging Coverage

2 thoughts on “2010 Masters Final Round Live Blogging Coverage”

  1. I think that the Maters Tournament in order to make people happy and attract more viewers by making the course easier to navigate by the placing of holes, and any shortening is a discredit to the tradition of this great tournament.  The Masters is not for those with minimal skill, it is and should be looked upon as the most difficult challenge in golf and any attempt to change that should be viewed as unacceptable.  It is a step backwards for this tournament to be subjected to unskilled and unknowledgeable whims on what they would like to see.  Make it hard and as challenging as possible to keep the Masters as a tournament unlike any other and those who are not able let the couse do what it is supposed to do, punish them.

  2. I still want Freddie to win, just because it would be so great.  But I think he is going to have to shoot at least a 66, and I don’t think he can do it.  I hope I am wrong.

    I am concerned about Phil.  I think he should be able to win this, but I am concerned if he watches Tiger get an eagle or when he gets his birdies, then Phil might start forcing things to happen and that won’t be good. 

    I do think it is either Tiger or Phil or on the outside KJ.  I really hope it is Phil, bcause I want that free driver from Callaway.  And, I am not the big Phil fan, but given his year – that would be so much better than if Tiger wins after his year.  Plus Phil winning is a special punishment for Cheetah.


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