3UP Golf Ball Review

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3UP Golf Balls
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: As good as any ball I’ve played. They’re in my go-bag.

It occurs to me that it must be incredibly difficult to break into the golf ball business. Creating a ball requires expertise in aerodynamics, physics, materials sciences, manufacturing and probably more than a few things I can’t imagine.  Then there’s patent law. The big ball manufacturers have vast patent portfolios and the new guy on the block must either figure out a way to avoid them, or sign licensing agreements.

Those hurdles did not, however, prevent 3UP from entering the market with a high quality, three piece ball.

The 3UP 3F12 is a three piece, cast urethane ball with 318 dimples and a 90 compression. In this, the 3F12 is comparable to other “name” manufacturer’s three piece balls. Below is some data provided by 3UP:

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3UP distinguishes itself by what it says is a softer feel and significantly higher short iron spin rate than on similar balls. The difference is apparently in the cast urethane cover. It has the peculiar property of being both soft and somewhat tacky.

The published spin rate for the 9 iron is 9,032, while the initial spin rate off the driver is 3341.

In practice, I’ve found the 3UP 3F12 to be a high-performing ball. As the literature suggests, I’m especially pleased with its play around the green. Playing with the 3F12, I’ve had some remarkable rounds recently with wedges, pitching and chipping.

Off the tee, and with irons, it also performs well for me. With my swing speed, I still think I get more distance from the Wilson Duo,but the 3F12 may make up for that with better performance around the green.

My only concern is with the price. A dozen of the 3F12 balls are priced at $39.99. While that is cheaper than the Pro V1 and Bridgestone B330, it is still more expensive than other name brand three piece balls. Th 3F12 is a great ball, but my thought is that if given a choice between a name and an upstart, people will go for the name unless there is a significant price difference.

To be fair, however, 3UP does donate $3 from every dozen to golf related charities. In addition, once you’ve made an initial purchase, you are offered monthly deals which can offset that cost. Finally, shipping is a flat $3.12 regardless of quantity.

Still, if you are a fan of the Pro V1 or other “premium” balls, I suggest that you try the 3Up 3F12. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. It is amazing to me that a relative newcomer in the golf ball business could come up with such a higher spin rate than Titelist and Calloway. Do you think maybe the big boys purposely tone down the spin rate to prevent balls from backing up too much on soft greens?


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