A Golfer Goes To KMart Video

Golf fanatics will recognize themselves in this video.

For what it’s worth, KMart is the desendant of the Kresge Corp, a chain of discount stores in the vein of Woolworth’s and McCrory. Founded by S.S. Kresge in Detroit, Michigan, the corporation at one point had 682 Kresge stores.

According to a history of business professor I had at the University of Michigan, in the 1950s, a Kresge executive was sent to travel the United States to determine what he could about the future of retailing. His conclusion, upon return, was that the downtown five-and-dime was doomed, and that Americans were hungering (whether they knew it or not) for a suburban mega-mart. And thus the KMart (Kresge-Mart) was born.

The first KMart was opened on March 1, 1962 in the Detroit suburb of Garden City, Michigan. The store is still open and I have been there on several occasions. It looks just like any other KMart you’ve ever visited.

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