A January Round In Michigan

A January Round In Michigan
The sixteenth at Washtenaw Golf Club on a January round in Michigan.

A January Round In Michigan

We had a break in the weather today, as temperatures edged into the upper 40s and clouds gave way to glorious sun.

I got out for a round at Washtenaw Golf Club, a classic course that dates to 1899. The course has gone through a transition in recent years — from an independent private course, to a semi-public course owned by another private club, to a daily fee open to the public.

Playing a round in January extends my streak of consecutive months with at least one round of golf in Michigan to 47. I was glad to get it in. January is one of two months (February is of course the other) where getting in a round is “iffy.”

The 17th At Washtenaw Golf Club
An aerial view of the 17th at Washtenaw Golf Club.

Regardless of the ownership situation, Washtenaw Golf Club remains a fun, old school track. It includes what is one of my favorite holes in all of Michigan — the 17th.

Measuring 395 yards, the seventeenth runs straight for two hundred or so yards, then dips down and up again to the green, with a slight turn to the left. The green is very large and slopes from back to front and left to right. The entrance to the green is actually at a angle to the fairway. A bunker on the left protects most of the green front.

Because of the angle of the green, a shot from the fairway often cannot take advantage of the full depth of the green. Thus, the three bunkers to the rear will often come into play. Plays out of these are treacherous, though, because of the slope of the green.

It’s a great hole.

And Washtenaw Golf Club is a great course. I recommend it, especially now that it’s a public, daily-fee course.

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