A Double Standard On Tour

I had heard last week of the weather problems that resulted in Phil Mickelson missing the Pro-Am before the Byron Nelson. And I knew that he’d been given an exception to the usual rule that says that if you don’t play the Pro-Am, you can’t play in the tournament. But I hadn’t realized just how much that decision would be resented by the other players on Tour.

Forbes has a good article on player reactions to Philgate.

I don’t know why anyone is surprised, though. The Byron Nelson was a tournament devoid of most of the major talent, and barring PHil would have been the kiss of death.

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2 thoughts on “A Double Standard On Tour”

  1. Oh my gosh.  If I was those lesser golfers, I would be outraged by the tour. 

    Given the tour is requiring players to choose between their grandmothers’ funerals and the pro-ams—then they should never allow someone within 10 hours driving distance to miss for their private plane being grounded.  Goosen gets no sympathy from me, as that appeared that it was just fatigue from travelling that caused him to be late, and isn’t travelling part of that job?  The only thing is, my guess his partners would have gladly had him join them on the second hole for the last 17, than not play with Goosen at all.

    I understand the Pro-Ams are important to the sponsors and thusly should be required attendance, but the tour needs to be consistent.  if the tour doesn’t reconcile the rules and exceptions, then I would suggest a group of Pros pick an Pro-Am and all manage to skip it to make a point.  Have 30 Pros miss the pro-Am and see what the tour does about Thursday.

  2. You’re absolutely right Martin. As I read it the second time, I was even more shocked.

    But there’s no way 30 pros are going to skip an event deliberately. Imagine if that event was the difference between getting in the top 125 or losing your card.


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