A Shorter Season Redux

Ryan Ballengee at Sports Central continues the debate started by Tiger Woods a couple of weeks ago when he suggested that there were just too many tour events. I think that the Tour should have as many events as the market will bear. Ryan, however, says:

The Tour season has to be shorter. It would promote better fields as a percentage of all tournaments played. Attendance could receive a significant increase as a result. Television ratings will surely increase and give the game better mainstream exposure. This happened when Tiger Woods first displayed dominance in the late-‘90s. When he played, people watched. That is still true today. Ratings for Woods’ tournament appearances are double-digits percentages higher than other events…

… Certainly, it could be noted that reducing the number of events in a season would restrict many struggling players from retaining their Tour cards. Believe it or not, this could be a blessing in disguise. The Nationwide Tour has developed into a strong talent pool for future PGA Tour stars.

By relegating a number of mediocre PGA Tour players, the Nationwide Tour instantly becomes more engaging and watchable. Nationwide ratings could increase and give the Tour network exposure. Again, purses would increase and more golfers could make a living playing the sport they love. All the while, as the PGA Tour likes to remind everyone, more charities receive more money and the philanthropic tradition of the game grows stronger.

I have to give him this: it likely would make the Nationwide Tour stronger.

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