Alliss Says Woods Won’t Break Nicklaus’ Record

BBC Commentator Peter Alliss thinks that its unlikely that Woods will pass Nicklaus’s record in the Majors because of the distractions he will face along the way. While Nicklaus also faced the distractions of marriage and children, Woods faces a far greater media scrutiny.

Its an interesting thought. But I’m not sure that the media has that much of an effect on Woods. He has been raised in the limelight, and seems able to tune it out. Certainly his press conferences are the most banal, uninstructive events I have ever seen.

No, if Tiger fails to reach Nicklaus’ record, it will be because of his own decision to quit playing (I frankly don’t see him winning a major at age 46), or because his competition will catch up. There is an awful lot of talent out there right now, and some of them surely will catch up.

Another record for Woods to challenge is Snead’s 82 PGA Tour Victories and 70 other worldwide wins.  As a professional, Woods currently has 48 Tour victories and (as far as I can tell) 20 other non PGA victories.

Because of his reduced tour schedule, and the likelihood of his retiring long before Snead ever did, I don’t see him breaking this one.

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1 thought on “Alliss Says Woods Won’t Break Nicklaus’ Record”

  1. Peter Allis on Tiger Woods. He could be right. But if anything will stop Tiger beating the record set by Nicklaus, it will because his body fails him due to the huge strain that he has placed on it all these years. Everything else Tiger can control.


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