AP Writer Jim Litke Says GolfBlogger Is Right

AP Writer Jim Litke says the GolfBlogger is right.

Well, not in so many words, but he’s jumping on the bandwagon that the GolfBlogger has been driving for a couple of years. The headline of his NY Times column says:

Woods Done As King of the Hill, Maybe For Good

Litke writes:

It’s premature to pronounce Woods “done,” even for this calendar year. At the latest, he will be back on the golf course by November, in the Australian Open. Maybe sooner. And if he’s desperate, Woods could still pick up a tournament round or two stateside or somewhere in Europe.

But his reign as king of the hill is over, maybe for good.

Everybody will eventually get on the GolfBlogger bandwagon on this one. Those who are still walking alongside the road do so only because Tiger has been their meal ticket for so long that they don’t want to face the possibility.

I am, however, hedging my bets on this one a bit. I don’t preclude the possibility that Tiger backs into another Major victory. In a week when he plays well, and the other Major level talent doesn’t, he could steal another. But his days of dominating and intimidating and winning as a matter of course are long gone. There is too much young talent out there.

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1 thought on “AP Writer Jim Litke Says GolfBlogger Is Right”

  1. Here is the real current insantity.  Freddie says that Tiger is a lock for the Presidents Cup if he says he is healthy.  Well there is nothing to show that he isn’t healthy physically, but it is nuts to put him on the Cup team.  Further, that takes a spot away from someone who has actually performed this year, and is perhaps in the top 30 players or so. 

    Hopefully Freddie can get Tiger to pull himself from the team, but that’s not likely.  Freddie is now going to do one of two hard things: kick his friend off the team and go back on his word, or – (and this is what will happen) – play Tiger and leave Rickie or another high performer off the team.


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