Aserta Putter

The Aserta Putter basically turns putters upside down. By raising the mass, the inventors claim that they can create topspin, which would get the ball rolling toward its target more quickly and easily.

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2 thoughts on “Aserta Putter”

  1. I recently purchased the Aserta Monster putter. not the one you have pictured.  After seeing several ads and talking to the guys at the Edwin Watts store, I wanted to see if the technology they used would help.
    I am happy to say that it has.  I was leary about spending $200 on a putter but had a return guarantee. It was money well spent.
    It is very well balanced and feels so solid hitting the ball.  They put grooves in the face and I think that helps give it the great feel as well as get the top spin going faster.  It took some getting used to because the ball does come off the face fast. The fast top spin keeps it on line and minimizes bounces.
    I feel much more confident on long putts that I will at least get it to the hole.
    I highly recommend this putter to anyone.  It has dropped several stroke off my scores and I have not yet had a 3 putt with it. My buddies keep trying to borrow it after they saw the results I am having.

  2. I was practicing long putts at a country club recently right before playing in a event. This is something I always do to get the feel of the greens. These are always long putts of at least 45 feet and I just want to keep it near the hole. Well my golfing partner walked on the green with a new putter that he had just bought recently and was bragging on how well he’d been putting with it. The name of the putter was Aserta, of which I had never heard of. I told him O.K. hand it over I have to see this for myself. So I go to the point that I had been putting last and dropped 3 balls, Well I made the first putt and just missed on the second and third putts, both ending up less than 12 inches from the hole. Remember this is from 15 yards away and I hadn’t made any long range putts with my putter in half an hour. So I promptly told him take this the heck away from me before I steal it from you. So I’m putting some more with my putter again, no luck in making anything as of yet. He’s still laughing at me under his breath so I ask to see his putter again, he hands it to me and I putt 2 more balls from around the same place as before. ya, you guessed it one goes in and the other hangs on the lip. Now he’s laughing out loud at me and I’m debating on running off with the merchandise….No, I’m a gentleman and besides I still have to play a round of golf. So it’s back to my putter that I really do love. Well he starts to walk off of the green and I yell wait!!! let me try it one more time, he hands it to me and I aim for a completely different hole, with 2 foot of break and drain it from about 40 foot…..I give up and give it back, He’s howling with laughter and I said I guess there’s no way to buy that putter from you is there? Nope he says, So I came home after the outing and looked up the name of the putter and bought one, now I can’t wait for it the come in, This putter rolls the ball better than any putter that I have ever used and I hope no one I play against ever buys one, I want to be the one holing out those putts and collecting that cha ching.


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