Brookside Golf Course Review

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Brookside Golf Course
Saline, Michigan

Grade: D
Teacher’s Comments: Not good.

Life is too short to waste time writing about bad things, but in the spirit of completeness (I am trying to do a review of every course I’ve played), here’s the skinny on Brookside: Not good.

Even given the course’s neighborhood vibes and low prices ($18 walking; $28 riding), I found the conditions unacceptable on both of my visits. The photos, I think, speak for themselves. Conditions were marginal. In many places, it was impossible for me to distinguish between fairway and “rough”—both were dead.

Along the creek, there was an awful smell, as some sort of effluent was passing through to a waste water plant.

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On my second round there, as I was making the turn, the pro decided to jam the entire back nine. He sent out groups of beginner kids from the driving range ahead of everyone coming around from the front. Again, not good.

To be fair, I have not played Brookside in some time. It is entirely possible that the owners have improved conditions. I also completely understand that this is a local favorite, warts and all. It is just not for me and I can in no way recommend that anyone go out of their way to play.

More photos follow.

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1 thought on “Brookside Golf Course Review”

  1. Thank you for reviewing Brookside Golf Course. The place is a dump and helmets should be required for all golfers that choose to play it. Your review accurately describes the course and will hopefully serve as a warning to others. The slow play is the worst part about it, which you experienced.


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