Callaway Deluxe Headcovers

Callaway Golf Premium Iron Head Covers

Just curious: does anyone actually use headcovers on their irons? I would think you’d lose them, and waste an inordinate amout of time taking them off and putting them on.

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1 thought on “Callaway Deluxe Headcovers”

  1. I used some when my clubs were new, then I found that the black irons lose finish so fast that you can’t keep them looking new.  Or maybe if was playing 10-15 times a month.

    I did also use some super cheap neoprene covers when I used to carry…. It jep the noise down as I walked.  The neoprene also wadded up so small, it wasn’t distracting to keep them in a pocket,

    At this point, I want to ditch my hybrid head covers, but I am afraid of scratching the top of them, at 9 months and 90 rounds they do still look surprisingly new.


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