Caught At Last – Golf Poetry

Caught At Last – Golf Poetry


YES, young Cupid's changed his calling; 
Tossed away his love-taut bow; 

Folded close his downy winglets, 
Winglets soft and white as snow, 
And has left the field of Amo. 
Who'd have dreamed of such a plight? 
Who'd have fancied darling Cupid, 
Of all people, taking flight? 

How the world has changed since Cupid — 
Sole magician of the heart — 
Cast aside, with bow and arrow, 
All the secrets of his art! 
Though the sun smiles just as brightly, 
And the soft sky keeps its blue, 
There's a change in lives, I fancy; 
Some have ta'en a duller hue. 

Ladies woo — but oh, the wooing 
When no Cupid hovers by ! 
Ladies win — but oh, the winning 
Graced with but a tear or sigh ! 
And the cause of all this trouble? 
Ah ! I really hate to tell. 
Selfish Love has gone a-golfing — 
Latest victim to the spell. 

Beatrice Louise Colhurn
in Lyrics of the Links, 1921

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