Charity Golf

If you’ve got old clubs in your garage (and what golfer doesn’t), you may be able to unload them, and help a good cause in the process by connecting with Charity Golf. The organization, which works with the Golf Association of Michigan and the First Tee of Detroit, offers a variety of charities to which they will forward the proceeds of your old golf club sales.

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2 thoughts on “Charity Golf”

  1. I noticed from the site that they’re looking for “marketable” clubs. This reminds me of a hideously old set I once had when I took up the game. They came from my brother, I think, who got them from who-knows-where.

    They were probably from the 1960s. I placed a few calls to local parks and recreation departments, thinking they might have something like a First Tee program and could use them. Nobody wanted them.

    I ended up selling them on ebay.


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