Charles Barkley To Be Featured In Golf Reality Show

Charles Barkley, the man with the worst golf swing in America, is looking for a few tips. He’ll get them from Hank Haney in a new reality show being developed for the Golf Channel.

Given the generally poor quality of Golf Channel reality shows, I don’t have a lot of hope for this one.

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4 thoughts on “Charles Barkley To Be Featured In Golf Reality Show”

  1. I completely disagree. The Next Big Break is one of the best reality shows on television and it just happens to be on the Golf Channel. As far as Sir Charles goes nothing in this world is as funny as his swing and I can’t wait till Hank Haney gets a hold of it.

  2. In Alabama we all love Chuck. I’m a little worried about him though, because the last time I saw him on TV it looked like he had gained a lot of weight.


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