Golf Week Is A Different Sort of Golf Magazine

Disenchanted with the two major golf magazines—Golf Digest and Golf magazine—I recently got a subscription to Golf Week, hoping for a fresh look at the sport.

I’ve heard of Golf Week for years, of course, but never bothered to pick it up because I didn’t think I needed another magazine. But the “professional offer” I got was too good to pass up.

I haven’t been disappointed. Rather than the endless stale tips on how to add 15 yards on your drive Golf Week focuses on the professional tours, collegiate and other amateur competitions, business, golf media and some lifestyles articles. There’s also an extensive section in each issue with stats and results from more tours and tournaments—both in the US and Worldwide—than I knew existed.

Did you know that Leif Olson won the July 20 – Aug 1 tournament, earing $13,000 for shooting a 65-69-70? The Southern California team won the Girls’ Junior America’s Cup with a score of 647.

Of course, no one really needs to know these things, but it’s better than seeing another repetitive (or contradictory) article on developing the correct swing path. Or another article on equipment I apparently need, but can’t afford.

There are naturally some equipment articles in Golf Week, but absent the breathless hype. The August 9 issue has a large article on lead tape that’s part history, part technical, and part humor. The small Toy Box section in the same issue as a one column brief on De La Cruz putters, and six bulleted paragraphs on equipment changes the pros are making.

The Golf Life section in the same issue has a dozen pages on great golf courses you can play in Northern Michigan (with some great choices), Minnesota’s Iron Range and Missouri’s Ozarks. Another article is subtitled “Deltona Club’s reconstruction illustrates changing economics for architects, owners.”

I’ll wait a few more weeks before endorsing Golf Week wholeheartedly, but it’s been a promising beginning. I wondering which of the other two I’m going to drop.



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