Cheering For Morocco

Royal Palm Golf Club in Morocco, in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains.

Cheering For Morocco

I am not a soccer/football fan, but along with a lot of other folk, I am cheering for Morocco in this edition of the World Cup.

There is a warm spot in my heart for Morocco after I was invited on a golf trip there some seven years ago. The country is beautiful, the people welcoming, the food delicious and the golf fantastic.

I recall something that one of our guides said repeatedly as we toured Rabat: Morocco is a modern country. He seemed particularly proud of a mosque in peaceful and relatively close proximity to a synagogue and also of the Moroccan government. He explained to this political science teacher that King Mohamed VI had been working to transition to a Constitutional monarchy — a modern country, as he put it.

That Morocco should become the first African country to go so far in the World Cup would also no doubt have him proudly declaring that this is more evidence that “Morocco is a modern country.”

I cheer for Morocco and hope that they win it all.

I also hope to someday return to Morocco for more sights, food and golf.

Here are a couple of random photos from my trip

The walls of the fortress that surround the Kasbah des Oudaias and the Andalusian Gardens
A street of leather goods in the Jemaa el-Fnaa

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