Clark Lake East Golf Course Review

Clark Lake East Nine--4

Clark Lake Golf Course (East Nine)
Brooklyn, MI

Grade: D-
Teacher’s Comments: There could be a good course here if only they kept it up.

Clark Lake is a 27 hole layout consisting of the west eighteen and the east nine. The east course is the original, dating back to the 1924.

The East (also known as the Clubhouse Nine to locals) consists of eight par fours, laid out in a tight configuration of back-and-forth holes. It measures 2, 996 yards and plays to a par 35.

Most of the holes are straight away affairs, but there are two doglegs and water comes into play on six holes.

Clark Lake East Nine--5

The fairways at Clark Lake East are lined with old trees, many of which were probably planted when the course was built 90 years ago. It is actually quite pretty. There is also some interesting mounding between several of the holes, which with the trees on top make it seem as though you are shooting through a tunnel.

Conditions, though, are terrible. The fairways are in bad shape, as are tee boxes. Bunkers are areas where grass doesn’t grow. Greens are marginally better.

It is a shame, really, because the nine has a lot of potential. With better conditions, it would be a great place to play.

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Clark Lake East Nine-
Clark Lake East Nine--2
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Clark Lake East Nine--6
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