Club Glove Kaddy Stroller Review

Club Glove Kaddy Stroller

Grade B

As far as I am concerned, walking is the only way to play golf. You just can’t get a feel for the course dashing from ball to ball in a cart. Walking a course helps you to judge distance, course conditions and the effects of the weather. Even better: walking is exercise; you’ll be healthier for it.

Of course, the best way to do this is to use a caddy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places with caddies these days. Power carts are much more profitable.

So, in the absence of a good caddy, you have two choices: carry your clubs or use a hand cart. I own a lightweight carry bag, but as I get older, I find that my back and shoulders start to feel the strain after a few holes. So the hand cart is the answer.

My golf club bought Kaddy Strollers this last spring to replace a fleet of antiquated push carts. Constructed from lightweight (aluminum?) tubing, they are extremely easy to push, thanks to the bicycle-style pneumatic wheels. The Kaddy Stroller also has a nice wide handle that adjusts to any number of heights. It’s also got foot and hand brakes.

I used these carts on most of my 18-hole rounds this summer (I still like to carry on a “nine”). They easily navigate hills and rough terrain. And unlike a pull cart, they don’t put any strain on the wrists. The bag is held at exactly the right height and angle for easy access to the clubs. Its almost as though your caddy was handing the clubs to you.

I do have a couple of complaints, though.

First, it’s not exactly easy to strap the bag into the cart. The bag boys at the club really have to tug on the bottom one to get it into place.

Second, the cup holder is positioned at an angle, so that any full cup spills.

But my biggest beef with these is that they look too much like a baby stroller. In fact, the first time I saw someone with one, that’s exactly what I thought it was. And I still cringe every time I see it. Still, its better than riding in a power cart.

They could have made the thing look a little more …. well, manly.

So, for handiness and construction, it gets an “A”, but its aesthetics downgrade it to a “B”.

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