Cobra Amp Cell Driver In Green Limited Edition

Cobra Amp Cell Green Top photo image002_zpsd4424d84.jpg photo image001_zps3f3465af.jpg

In honor of the year’s first Major, Cobra has released a limited edition Green version of their Amp Cell Driver. It looks so good I wonder why green isn’t a standard color for drivers.

Press release follows


2 thoughts on “Cobra Amp Cell Driver In Green Limited Edition”

  1. It does look good.  But I would imagine the reason that you don’t see it as a standard color is that it would blend with the grass.  The reason that (they say) they are making white drivers with black faces is for the contrast to make alignment easier.  Green with a black face would not seem to contrast well for alignment.

    But as opposed to the Adidas Samba shoes for the Masters last year, I too think this is a winner – this looks good.  Those sambas- horrible.

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