A Cold August Round

I was first out today at The Medalist in Marshall, Michigan. I teed off at 6:50 just as the sun came up.

The temperature while I was on the first hole was 43 degrees. I was in shorts, but kept my sweatshirt on until the seventh hole.  My hands were actually cold, and I wished that I had my push cart mitts. I never imagined that I’d need them in August. The end of September perhaps, but August?

On the seventh, it was warm enough to switch to a vest. By the twelfth, I shed the vest. The Medalist is a fairly vigorous walk, so I was actually more than warm enough at that point.

Forty three is ten degrees lower than the average for this time of year.

My round on Thursday wasn’t much better:

My tee time at Calderone Golf Club on Thursday was a half hour later, and had the sun was up. That may account for the slightly higher temperature.


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