Congratulations Bubba!

Congratulations are in order for Bubba Watson. Surely one of the most entertaining characters in the sport, he’s now got a green jacket to show that he’s more than a showman.

I see Bubbamania in our future, and its a good thing for the sport. Loved the genuine emotion at the end. No fist pumping or taunting. Just relief and love.

Wonder what the Golf Boys will do with this?

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations Bubba!”

  1. It looked for a moment that Bubba completely forgot how to put on a jacket.  That last approach was awesome. 

    I think Ping is going to have to come out with an all Pink driver now.

  2. As stodgy as the Masters folks are, I’m betting the Golf Boys won’t be doing much about Bubba’s win.  And I agree, the absence of taunting and fist pumping was great. I first started watching golf back in 1992 because it was so serene. Then Tiger came along and the atmosphere became angry. I like the wholesomeness if Bubba’s win a lot.


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