Couples Elected To Golf Hall of Fame


One of my favorite players, Fred Couples has been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Couples, winner of the 1992 Masters and two Players Championships got in with just fifty one percent of the vote. That’s well below the 65% required for induction, but since he was the highest on this year’s ballot, he’s in.

I’m really happy for Freddie, but the election is sure to be the controversial. Fred has fifteen wins and a major. Davis Love III, with twenty wins and a major did not get in, with just 38 percent of the vote. That tied Ken Venturi, who has 14 wins and a Major. Mark O’Meara, with two majors and 14 wins had 36 percent.

Couples’ personal popularity certainly had a lot to do with his election. But I also think some weight likely was given to the four months that he is a former World Number One, and has successfully captained the President’s Cup three times.

Let the critics whine. Congratulations Freddie!

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1 thought on “Couples Elected To Golf Hall of Fame”

  1. Congratulations to Freddie, well deserved. Yes I believe his popularity and the way he carries himself on and off the golf course was a huge deciding factor.

    Freddie gets people to come and play the game with his sweet golf swing and easy going demeanour.

    Winning these sort of awards shouldn’t be just about how many majors or golf tournaments you have won.


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