David Toms 5 Wood Mystery Solved

There has been a mini controversy on this site over the last couple of days about whether or not the 5 wood he used so effectively in the Accenture is the same one he used back when he won the PGA.

Several “What’s In The Bag” listings on the web—including the Golf Channel’s—indicate that the two are different. But several readers said otherwise. I have been going with the information gleaned from the What’s In The Bag sources. After all, they’re full time pros at this, right?

But I had to know the truth. So I went straight to the source. I asked David Toms.

Here’s the verbatum quote from the email he sent to me:

Yes it is. I can’t find one any better!


Controversy ended. Golf Channel wrong. Readers right.

One more thought. David is a heckuva nice guy for replying—in less than 24 hours. I suppose that it might be from his secretary, but I don’t think so. The short reply, without any attempt to use the sponsor’s name (Cleveland) or attach any other promotions leads me to believe it’s from straight from him.  He’s now way up on my list of favorite golfers.

So, here’s a link to the David Toms Foundation, and bit about their work:

The David Toms Foundation “Creates Hope For Children” by providing assistance to children in need. Abused, abandoned and underprivileged children are served by the Foundation. There are more than one million children that are homeless in the United States.

These children live in fear, and their wants in life are basic … a place to sleep, food to eat, and emotional security. Child abuse, as morally reprehensible crime as there is, is still prevalent in our society.

Assisting and protecting these children is of utmost importance. Being a part of the David Toms Foundation ensures two things … your donation is being carefully managed and you are making a difference in the community. You will be “Creating Hope For Children.”

“If we can help a family get off the street, get a child away from an abusive home or help a child learn life skills, then we are creating hope and making a difference in the community.” – David Toms

As a teacher, I appreciate anyone doing work with kids. If you can afford it, you might want to stop by and make a donation.

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