Detroit Will Miss Ford Senior Championship

This will be the last year for the Ford Senior Championship at the TPC at Dearborn, Michigan. Next year, the tournament will move to Baltimore. Ford, it seems is getting out of the golf business.

It’s a blow for the City of Dearborn, which apparently has reaped between $4 and $6 million each year that the tournament has been held there.

Dearborn, which lies just west of the City of Detroit, is home to Ford Motor Company.  Losing the tournament is just another in a series of blows to southeastern Michigan, as the auto companies continue to lay off workers.

Read more in the Detroit News

2 thoughts on “Detroit Will Miss Ford Senior Championship”

  1. Its hard for those of us here in Michigan to get an accurate reading on the economy in the rest of the country because of the depth of the problems of the domestic auto inustry. Michigan is a one-industry state with a heavily unionized, poorly educated work force.

    I’m guessing that things are not nearly as bleak elsewhere.


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