Devereux Polo Review

Devereux Polo
Devereux Oracle Polo

Devereux Polo Review

Devereux Oracle Polo

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments; A nice feeling, attractive looking polo.

Devereux Resort and Golf Clothing is an ambitious brand that features apparel the company calls “Proper Threads.” Brothers Robert and Will Brunner named the company after their grandmother Devereux, the “woman who taught them that dressing well is the highest form of good manners.”

I recently received a sample of the Devereux “Oracle” polo with a wavy turquoise and grey pattern. Mrs. GolfBlogger particularly liked the colors because they are the same as her sorority, ZTA. I like the colors and pattern because they are contemporary without making this fifty-year-old guy feel awkward. The Oracle is understated without being stodgy.

The most notable thing about the Devereux polo is the fabric. Thanks to the 13% spandex in the blend, the Oracle stretches in every direction (and snaps back quickly without losing its shape). The stretch makes it perfect for golf, permitting a full shoulder and body turn with no resistance at all. The Oracle’s fabric also is quite soft.

In addition to its stretching properties, the fabric also is designed to be moisture-wicking. Given the cold, wet weather in Michigan this spring, though, I can’t actually testify to that. I have been more concerned with staying warm than staying cool and dry.

The Devereux Oracle Polo’s cut is a little loose, which is how I like a golf shirt. Not for me those tight “European” fits.

Fit and finish on the shirt are excellent. Mrs. GolfBlogger, an accomplished seamstress, gave the shirt her seal of approval.

Devereux has an extensive line of clothing. In addition to thirty three (as of this writing) different polo styles and colors, Devereux also offers some classically good looking shorts, trousers, pullovers and sweaters. The Cruiser Hybrid Shorts in particular look like the sort of shorts that I’d wear around the cottage in Up North Michigan.

Highly Recommended.


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