Ever Have A Round That You Wished Would Never End?

Ever Have A Round That You Wished Would Never End?

The weather and conditions at Washtenaw Golf Club were so perfect yesterday that as I was walking up the final holes I kept thinking: I don’t want this to end.

It had to, of course. I have family and work responsibilities (a teacher’s work is NEVER done), and sunset was not terribly far away. I’m also not sure how many more holes of walking I had left in my legs. It has been a tiring week of teaching school.

Still, I was quite wistful as I sunk my last (par) putt.

The temperature was in the upper sixties, with a light breeze and striking blue skies. My mother, who lives in another state, has said about her visits to Michigan that she was struck by how blue our skies can be.

Yesterday, the skies were that kind of blue.

Cooler weather has brought out the best in local courses. This past Saturday I played a round at Green Oaks in Ypsilanti Township. That course was as nice as I’ve seen it in a couple of years. The fairways at Washtenaw yesterday were extravagantly luxuriant. In my TRUE All Day Knits, it was like walking on a soft, cool green carpet.

As for my game, I am still working through some swing changes suggested by Washtenaw Golf Club Pro Zach Szawara in a lesson at the end of August. I think I have managed to shorten my backswing. I am certainly getting more consistent results. I had just a couple of misfires with the irons yesterday, and my short game was back on track.

The birdie I had on eight yesterday was the result of one of the best short iron shots I’ve hit all year.

I have found more consistency, but have lost some distance. I’ll need to get another lesson to help figure that one out.

Consistency is enough for now. I am back to working my way around the course with some level of efficiency.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to enjoy being in the moment during what has to be the best time of the year to play golf in Michigan.

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