Evidence of Global Warming


I’ve been looking forward to global warming for some time. Here’s a photo of the temperature gauge on my car this morning when I pulled into the school parking lot.

It was a lot colder on the drive. At one point, the gauge read -3. But I thought that pulling out my camera and taking a photo while I was driving was a bad idea.

More bad news on the global warming front: An article in Pravda says that we’re entering a new ice age. Now that’s REALLY gong to put a crimp on golf in Michigan. From Pravda:

The AGW (anthropogenic global warming) theory is based on data that is drawn from a ridiculously narrow span of time and it demonstrates a wanton disregard for the ‘big picture’ of long-term climate change. The data from paleoclimatology, including ice cores, sea sediments, geology, paleobotany and zoology, indicate that we are on the verge of entering another Ice Age, and the data also shows that severe and lasting climate change can occur within only a few years. While concern over the dubious threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming continues to distract the attention of people throughout the world, the very real threat of the approaching and inevitable Ice Age, which will render large parts of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable, is being foolishly ignored.

It’s funny how these things go in circles. When I was in school back in the 1970s, our science teachers were telling us that the Earth had been cooling since the 1940s and that we would soon be inundated by ice. I can’t find a copy of it on the ‘net, but I remember a Popular Science cover with a painting of the Statue of Liberty encased in a glacier. Here’s an excerpt from a Time magazine article from 1974:

In Africa, drought continues for the sixth consecutive year, adding terribly to the toll of famine victims. During 1972 record rains in parts of the U.S., Pakistan and Japan caused some of the worst flooding in centuries. In Canada’s wheat belt, a particularly chilly and rainy spring has delayed planting and may well bring a disappointingly small harvest. Rainy Britain, on the other hand, has suffered from uncharacteristic dry spells the past few springs. A series of unusually cold winters has gripped the American Far West, while New England and northern Europe have recently experienced the mildest winters within anyone’s recollection.

As they review the bizarre and unpredictable weather pattern of the past several years, a growing number of scientists are beginning to suspect that many seemingly contradictory meteorological fluctuations are actually part of a global climatic upheaval. However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age.

Ice Age. Global Warming. Back to Ice Age.

I don’t know what to think anymore.

I can’t wait for spring.

4 thoughts on “Evidence of Global Warming”

  1. I heard some folks on the radio discussing some scientists saying that if we do enter a new ice age, that it is due to global warming.

  2. Man made emissions are warming the planet. Man made emissions are cooling the planet.

    What’s bizarre is that the same folk are shamelessly pitching both sides of the coin. It’s got to be one or the other.

    Actually, in doing this, they reveal their true intentions. They will say anything that will put them in control of the way we live our lives.

  3. According to the scientists in the movie, the global warming had melted so much of the polar ice that it changed the salinity levels of the oceans which for some reason disrupted the currents that move warm water from the equator to the north and south.  With the currents disrupted, it caused huge freezing hurricane like storms which brought on the ice age.  All in one hour.

    Now I can’t speak to the scientific validity of the events leading to the movie’s ice age—I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader since it’s late and I’m too lazy to look it up—but it would certainly explain why global warming leads to an ice age.

    Me?  I just enjoy the special effects…  smile

  4. “Day After Tomorrow” baby!  And sorry to say that Michigan was history in that movie.  But then of course, so was Utah.  However, I’d bet that golfing in Mexico in long pants and jacket might not be too bad.


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