Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter Part 19: Drink

This is the nineteenth in a series on things to do in the golfing offseason to feed your addiction:

Favorite DrinksDrink

Summer is heralded not only by sunshine and warmth, but also with smells and flavors not fully appreciated during the rest of the year. The aroma of freshly cut grass, a smoky grill, and the taste of a cool drink are surely as much a part of a round as the game itself.

So this winter, feed your golf addiction by watching the latest PGA Tour event and downing your favorite summer drink.

Most of my friends favor a cold beer as an after-round (and indeed, during the round) libation. Labatts Blue is the favorite among my pals, but Miller and John Adams often make their way into the lineup. Actually, in Michigan, a cold beer apparently is good at any time of year, enjoyed as much by ice fishermen as by golfers.

The GolfBlogger isn’t a beer drinker, however. Indeed, I’m not much of a drinker at all. Most rounds are followed by an Arnold Palmer, the King’s wonderful half iced tea, half lemonade cocktail. Both the name and taste are perfect for a hot summer day. Or if you’re feeling like an Anglophile, you could try a John Panton, named for the Scottish pro who represented England three times in the Ryder Cup. A John Panton is a ginger beer mixed with a dash of lime cordial (For Michiganders, a Vernors with a dash of lime concentrate might do).

When I do drink, however, I prefer hard liquor over beer or ale. Meyers Original Dark Rum and Makers Mark bourbon are the poisons of choice. For my money, either of those in an ice cold coke is as good as it gets. (As I write this, I wonder how an Arnold Palmer with bourbon or rum would taste).

At the risk of sounding less than manly, I’ll admit that I’m also partial to boat drinks, and especially a Mojito, Daiquiri, or a Pina Colada. But my favorite is the Bahama Mama. That’s an ounce of dark rum, an ounce of light rum, an ounce of coconut rum and an ounce of Nassau Royale Liqueur, mixed in with two ounces each of orange juice and pineapple juice, plus a splash of grenadine. I’d also never turn down a Long Island Iced Tea.

So bottoms up, and here’s to another great season of golf.

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