First Tee of Detroit May Shut Doors

imageThe First Tee of Detroit may have to shut its doors at the end of the year if donors are not found to make up a $100,000 shortfall.

The First Tee is a charitable organization designed to bring golf—and the values it personifies—to underprivileged kids. Detroit’s program serves 1,500 kids from age 7 – 17.

Unfortunately, like so many things in Michigan that depended upon the auto industry, the First Tee of Detroit is suffering.

To offer contributions to this worthy institution, visit The First Tee of Detroit website.

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1 thought on “First Tee of Detroit May Shut Doors”

  1. if you are familiar with the first tee, you will know what a shame that would be to lose the chapter. detroit does not have a lot going on thats positive and losing a world-class program would only make the region less attractive.


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