For The Weekend: Tuaca Liqueur Review

tuaca liqueur

Tuaca Liqueur Review
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A nice vanilla flavor.

Recently, I went to the best stocked wine and liqueur store in the area in search of Nassau Royale, a vanilla rum that I learned to like on a trip to the Bahamas. It’s absolutely fabulous in a rum and coke. Unfortunately, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission no longer has Nassau Royale on its “approved list.”

My friendly local shopkeep suggested that I try Tuaca instead. I’m glad I did.

Tuaca is a brandy-based liqueur with “essence of orange and vanilla.” Legend has it that the beverage dates back to the Renaissance where it was created for none other than Lorenzo Medici. The original recipe apparently was made with milk. Now, Tuaca is no longer manufactured in Italy, but in Lexington, Kentucky. Lots of good drinks coming out of Kentucky.

The Tuaca liqueur has a bright, fun flavor. There’s a strong vanilla taste, with a bit of fruitiness. You can drink it straight, but as the shopkeep promised, it goes really well with a coke.

I haven’t tried it yet, but the Tuaca website has an intriguing recipe for a Tuaca Root Beer Float:

TUACA & Root Beer
1 1/2 oz TUACA
4 oz root beer
1-2 scoops ice cream (optional)
Pour TUACA into a tall glass over ice. Fill with root beer and mix. Add 1-2 scoops of ice cream to create a TUACA root beer float.

Sounds like a perfect summer drink to me.

Tuaca Liqueur is one that I’ll keep on hand.

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