Safe Catch Tuna Review

Safe Catch Tuna Review Grade: A Teacher’s Comments: Tasty and good for you. Safe Catch says is products are 10x below the FDA mercury limit.

Breakthrough Golf Brava Driver Shaft Review

BTG Brava Driver Shaft Grade: A Teacher’s Comments: I am impressed with the way the Brava revived a moribund driver head with distance and consistency.

Nirvana HMB Muscle Wellness Water Review Revisited

Nirvana HMB Muscle Wellness Water Grade: A Teachers’ Comments: I think it lives up to its billing as great tasting water that can help in muscle recovery

McClure’s Pickles Review

McClure’s Pickles
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: My new favorite pickles

For The Weekend: Tuaca Liqueur Review

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Champ FlyTees Review

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Golf Hip Flask Review

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Tiger Woods 12 For IPod Touch Review

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