Fractured English Spam Messages

I spend a not-inconsiderable amount of time each day cleaning out spam from my blog’s comments. Mostly, they’re just stupid, but occasionally, the fractured English written by the poor peasants in the Indian and Chinese spam farms is hilarious. Like this one:

Excellent news. I am glad that on importance you blog is popular, as it is really interesting and affable. It is pleasant to me your articles and that that you do! My congratulations. [sic]

It reminds me a bit of the now legendary video game message “All Your Base Are Now Belong To Us.”

The message then was followed with a url for an overseas site selling Viagra. I can’t believe that—given the way the Chinese put lead in kids toys—that anyone would think they could get a decent medicine from them. At the very least, it won’t actually work. At worst …


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