Furyk Disqualified From Barclays

Jim Furyk has been disqualified from the first round of the FedEx Cup “playoffs” because he was late for his Pro-Am tee time. Adjust your fantasy picks accordingly. I had him on my “team.”

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1 thought on “Furyk Disqualified From Barclays”

  1. This is surprising.  I could see a lot of golfers being late for a tee time, but Furyk?  There must be some legit reason for this.

    The last time this came up was Mickelson a couple years ago—Do you think that Phil or Tiger either one would be booted from the Barclays for being late for a tee time at the Pro-Am?

    I can’t imagine Finchem actually sticking Tiger with this.  Finchem would probably rather lose a toe than have to boot Tiger’s only chance for some redemption this year.


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