Furyk Rule Suspended

The PGA Tour has suspended the rule that led to Jim Furyk’s disqualification for missing his pro-am start time. For the rest of the playoff season, a player who misses the pro-am start time will be required to finish out what’s left of the round, as well as do “makeup work.”

It’s a little late for Furyk, but it makes sense to me.

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3 thoughts on “Furyk Rule Suspended”

  1. I completely disagree with this. Rules are rules and must be enforced at all times or done away with completely. None of this “during the playoffs” crap. You can bet if Tim Petrovic had overslept, they wouldn’t be bending the rules. No, it’s only because Jim Furyk had a chance to win the fed ex cup. I just had this discussion with a co-worker today about how there are consequences to your actions and the only way you learn a lesson is by experiencing the consequences.

  2. Rules are rules, whether they make sense or not.  No point in changing or acknowledging a mistake; everyone must suffer.

    Certainly consistency is preferred to flip-flopping whenever a problem is encountered.  However, if clearly a policy is creating a needless mess, change the policy, acknowledge the error and move on.

  3. Maybe the rule is stupid, (hardly as stupid as the “any place you find some sand, thats a bunker” rule) but it is crystal clear and easy to follow. 

    Further, they are making the change after one event of four and after someone has already received punishment for it.  They are not undoing Furyk’s punishment so where is the equity in that?

    Also, this last came up with Daly a few months back, it is not a common occurance, and it is something that surely would not have recurred during the Cup events anyway, after it happened with Furyk – EVERYONE would be making sure they were on time. 

    Change the rule if you want to – but wait until the end of the damn tournament you are in.


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