Gen Y Increases Golf Spending

Although the final tally is not significant, Gen Y—those 18 – 29—increased their golf spending by 27% between 2007 and 2011, according to American Express. Seniors, in the meantime, spent 21% less. Gen X and the Boomers spent 19% less.

But those totals are deceiving. Even with the increase, Gen Y comprises just 1% of golf spending. Boomers account for 56%.

Still its encouraging. Now what golf courses and manufacturers have to do is to figure out ways to keep the Gen Y players they have and add to that total. I’m not at all sure how you do that, though. There are quite a few Gen Y guys in my golf league, and I get the sense that for them its less about golf than about hanging out, drinking beer and smoking cigars. Golf is just one excuse—they also camp, fish, and hang out at the Moose Lodge—for a little male bonding.

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