GigaGolf GX920 High Launch

GX920 High Launch

Designed for mid- to high-handicappers looking for both forgiveness and distance, GigaGolf’s GX920 High Launch offers quite a bargain. Starting at just $129 a set, the clubs offer a wealth of features. A thin face with a high coefficient of restitution (COR) offers higher ball speed at lower swing speeds. A notched cavity and wide soles move the weight down and away from the clubface. This helps to create a higher launch angle in the clubs—solving a problem that many higher handicap players suffer—getting the ball into the air.

GigaGolf’s online fitting system—which I have used several times when ordering clubs from them—works like a charm. You’ll get a set of clubs tailored to your game—unlike the one-size-fits-all clubs you get off the racks at the local golf shop.

The clubs also come with a 30 day playability guarantee.

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