GigaGolf PowerMax GX22 Irons

PowerMax GX922

I got a sample iron from this set and like the way it plays. It’s just as long as any other iron I own and plays nicely out of a variety of lies. Here’s what GigaGolf says about the PowerMax GX22:

The PowerMax GX922 is the next generation of cavity-backed game improvement clubs. This versatile iron design combines a forgiving notched cavity back with a sleek profile that allows increased shot making. The notched cavity provides stability and an increased MOI resulting in longer straighter golf shots even when the ball is struck off center. A moderate sole width and a playable bounce angle do not limit the golfer to a single flight pattern. These irons will grow with your game, allowing you to play shots that may require a draw or fade as your skill allows and your ball position dictates.

The best part is the price. You can get a 4-SW set with True Temper Featherflight shafts for $150. How do they do it? There are probably a lot of reasons. The big one is that GigaGolf is a follower, not a leader. What you’re getting is technology that was developed and tested a couple of years ago by the name brand companies. The notch is a Callaway thing, for example. But there’s no shame in that—that’s how Dell got its start years ago. IBM and Intel developed the technology and Dell put together clones. And there probably are other reasons: Direct sales. No sponsorships. Little advertising. And no markup for the logo.

You can also try them with little risk. GigaGolf offers a 30 day guarantee.

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2 thoughts on “GigaGolf PowerMax GX22 Irons”

  1. I got these irons last year when they came out and I love them. They are a full club longer than the Cobra irons I was playing before. I got the 4 through LW with cord grips for $190. I can hit them straight or shape them left (easy) or right (harder for me). This is the first lob wedge I’ve ever been able to hit consistently. As a matter of fact, the first shot I hit with the lob went in the hole for a birdie.

    The only thing I don’t like about them is that I can’t justify getting new irons yet!

    I love Gigagolf and not only have these irons in my bag, but a 3 hybrid and 5 wood from them.


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