GigaGolf Pursuit TC 420 Driver

Pursuit TC420

After their success in making and marketing clone golf clubs, it was only natural that GigaGolf should begin to products its own designs. That, after all, is what Dell did with their clone computers. Dell first produced computers based on others’ specifications and eventually began to write the specs themselves.

Giga’s first entry into the premium club market was the Pursuit TC 420, a 420 cc vacucast titanium driver. The two piece casting (body and face) allows GigaGolf to engineer a larger sweet spot, solid feel and nice tone at impact.

The face of the club is SP700 titanium that is plasma welded to the single piece body. GigaGolf says that the weld is so tight that the joint is barely detectable. The body is finished with four coats of hardened enamel for a lasting finish.

The main feature of the club, however, is the adjustable five weight system which permits the user to set the club for one of seven different ball flights. The two 10- and three 2- gram tungsten alloy weights allow you to reposition 26 grams to your liking. It’s not an original thought, but lots of golf manufacturers now are following TaylorMade’s lead.

I’ve liked the GigaGolf products that I’ve used and wish them the best on this one. As one trained in free market economics, I am a firm believer that more competition can only be a good thing for golf.

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