GigaGolf Revelation Progressive Hybrid Iron Set


Revelation Hybrid Set

I think that the progressive hybrid-iron set is the future of the golf club set. Since so many of us are already buying hybrids to replace the long irons that came with our sets, it makes sense to offer hybrids instead of the three, four and maybe even five irons.

It makes even more sense to design a set with hybrids from the ground up. That way, there is a seamless progression of clubs and distances throughout all of the set.

That’s what GigaGolf has with its hybrid iron Revelation Golf set. Made from 17-4 Stainless steel, and coming with a variety of shafts, it has three head styles. The longest irons are more of a traditional small headed fairway or hybrid style; the mid irons are hollow body, and the short irons a standard size and shape.

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