Glenbrier Golf Course Review

Glenbrier Golf Course Review
The first at Glenbrier is a 490 yard par 5.

Glenbrier Golf Course Review

Glenbrier Golf Course
Perry, Michigan
Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Friendly; pleasant with some interesting challenges.

Glenbrier is a pleasant and unassuming community course. It belongs on the list of places that I would not go out of my way to play, but which — if it were my local course — I would happily return to on a regular basis.

A parklands course, Glenbrier is mostly flat with marsh and the occasional knoll to add interest and strategic considerations.

Glenbrier Golf Course Review
The third at Glenbrier is a 375 yard par 4.

The water and marsh holes are the most interesting. The third, for example, has a long piece of water and marsh guarding the left side of the fairway and green. The fifth is a dogleg left with a long carry over rough and a stream. Marsh and rough must be carried on the second shot on the par four fifth. The fourteenth is a long par three carry over water and marsh. On the fifteenth, the fairway is interrupted by marsh, as is the fairway on seventeen.

In some ways, the course resembles a desert design — minus the desert. Shots must sail over patches of rough and marsh to find safe haven on a fairway, and then often over other patches of rough and marsh to find the green.

Glenbrier Golf Course Review
The second at Glenbrier is a 349 yard par 4.

My favorite hole was the par 4 second. It’s a dogleg left, with a very slight downhill. The treelines left and right require an accurate tee shot.

The green of the second is slightly elevated, and separated from the fairway by a ditch. The back side dips off right to a water hazard.

Glenbrier’s second is a real test because it requires two precise shots. The first must be accurate both in line and distance to make the second feasible.

Glenbrier Golf Course Review
A view of the green on Glenbrier’s second.

The fifteenth is also interesting. It’s a short 320 yard par 4 where the fairway zigs left to right at a 45 degree angle away from the tee. The shot to the green, however, zags back left. The green itself is over a creek, with water to teh right and rear. A long hitter could possibly hit the green by aiming a shot on a line just inside the end of the white fence.

For most however, it’s a layupto the left of the twin trees right, then another measured shot into the green.

Glenbrier Golf Course Review
Fifteen at Glenbrier is a 320 yard par 4.

From the tips, Glenbrier stretches to 6, 475 yards. There also are tees at 6, 158 and 5, 166 yards. Glenbrier is not a member of the Golf Association of Michigan, and therefore does not have an official slope and rating. I would say that it is not particularly difficult, however, and a bogey golfer should score well.

Conditions on the day I played were just ok. Greens were in good shape, but there bare spots in fairways. A mass infestation of caterpillars hanging by threads from trees and crawling across the greens was creepy. I got the feeling that the ownership cares about its course, though.

The Glenbrier Golf Course Review was first published August 4, 2020 from notes and photos taken on a round played on June 15, 2020. You can find a list of all of GolfBlogger’s Michigan Golf Course Reviews at the link.

A photo tour of Glenbrier Golf Course follows.

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